Words matter

This tool exists to make you aware when your project is using words that make others feel unwelcome. We start with a basic list of terms that evoke racist, sexist, or ableist overtones, and look through source code repositories for these terms, to encourage you to use more welcoming, inclusive language in your project. (The Inclusive Naming Initiative is working on a replacement word list, but do note that many replacement choices are very specific to your particular project domain.)

No, this doesn't solve the problem, but being aware when you're creating an unwelcoming space can be the first step towards more significant efforts to be more inclusive, welcoming, and sensitive to the feelings of your community.

The suggestions made by this tool are just that - suggestions. Due to the flexible nature of language, you'll almost certainly disagree with many of these suggestions, and that's fine. We hope, though, that it makes you think about how words are perceived by your audience.

We encourage you to read more about this effort, and what you can do to make the world a more welcoming place.

This is CLC - Conscious Language Checker - version ??